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    There are no hard and fast rules as to where you start. It is important that you don’t eat for a long period. So, listen to your body and see what works best for you.

    Eat a big dinner tonight (with lots of fat and protein to hold you over) and skip breakfast tomorrow. That’s the easiest way to start, in my opinion.


    Fasting doesn't really do anything, and it's just an eating schedule, there's nothing different you have to do, except eat your food in your window.

    Straight after your last meal. Don’t eat for 16-18 hours then eat a few healthy colourful, clean meals in a 6-8 hour window then start again.


    Begin by mentally prepare for it. I have seen so many people start while not fully motivated and then leave it when the first false hunger starts.

    Delay breakfast as far as you can until you maybe have brunch or lunch. I start my day with just a cup of coffee.


    Tomorrow when you wake up: Don't eat breakfast. Secondly, when you get to Lunch: Read a book instead. Fasting is not hard. Just don't eat and drink a lot of water.

    Don’t put anything in your mouth for starters. 😌


    Shorten your feeding window until you can handle eating a single meal per day… and sprinkle some good quality salt into your water while in fast mode.

    Cut out junk food, eat better foods, extend fast when you feel like it.

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