What’s Wrong in Being a Housewife if You Are Educated?

We are back from the holidays.
What I learned from these holidays…
1. Giving healthy food habits to kids is a crime. We should give junk food so that they get used to it.
2. If you wash clothes during the holidays, it means you are a typical housewife and not worth taking holidays. We always take apartments while going on holidays so that we can wash twin’s clothes, especially poop and pee ones.
3. If you are making food happily and handling kids without a full-time maid, then you are typically housewife no matter how much educated you are! God knows in which dictionary it’s written that educated people cannot make food and what’s wrong in being a housewife.
4. Hindi meaning of husband is Kutta means dog. One of our drivers was learning Hindi from us, and he wanted to know the meaning of the husband in Hindi, and the lady gave this answer.
My husband got very much hurt when she called me a typical housewife and drama woman and herself working woman.
He already feels very guilty because not many work options are there, and she added more fuel to his guilt. So hubby gave me a return gift and mind it. I didn’t give him anything on his birthday except my craftwork.

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    I guess everywhere there are these kinds of people, being a housewife is always tough as work never ends. Just ignore or have a deaf ear. Keep it positive. I still believe these kinds of stupid people help us learn more perseverance and patience. You are doing great, pat yourself and don’t worry about society or people who don’t support the work you do. They have failed in doing so. That’s why they are bothered about other’s life.

    Such people are not worth a minute’s company or even thought! If you can call a human-dog demeaning both species…well… I feel sorry you had to spend a holiday with her.

    And, you are a good mom, taking care of all the family’s needs even at a holiday isn’t an easy task.


    You will always come across these kinds of people who will try their level best to destroy your sanity, peace. Make you feel low because they are jealous of you. At the back of mind, even they knew that what you are doing is right and best for kids. So don't worry, ignore, and carry on peacefully with your adorable kids.

    Being housewife is your choice and feel proud of it and correct them as home manager.
    Also, take an oath that the next holidays will be spent with only family no one else to interfere with.
    You are wonderful dear, doing things ourselves for children and family is the best gift any mother can give to the children and family and so shouts your husband's gift.


    You need to develop invisible earplugs…there will be all sorts of people…no one is better or worse than another..the point of comparison does not and should not arise.

    You are a great mom. The way you are raising your kids, you are making them learn good habits, along with handling kids, you do extraordinary things for your kids and hubby…You are a blessed mom and a blessed wife and a wonderful human being. Please don't ruin your happiness because of a few senseless people.


    I give only healthy options to eat for my son…when we go out, he never even gets the urge to eat or ask for junk food! I ensure that I carry some homemade food, or else while traveling out of the station. I get him roasted chana (chickpea) or peanuts…even if we are left stranded without any option at all, I let my son starve till we get any food at all. Yes, I'm not a bad mother here, coz I'm not feeding him just any crap to keep him full, this is equal to letting your kids watch crap on TV for hours just because you want to 'relax'… I'm a working mom with two jobs!

    You have kids and a husband who adores you and respects you as a housewife. Does it matter what one lady had to say about stereotyping women?
    Your hubby buys you gifts and pampers you to brighten up your mood. I think that in itself is so fantastic.
    Things do get easier even we let go off the negatives and focus on what's right in our lives!


    You are making a man, and she is making money you decide which is more important!! Spending time with kids to see them grow is a fantastic experience….and you know living on husband's money is a luxury every one can't have it 😜😜😜 so enjoy and laugh on her misery n move on.

    We went on holiday last weekend. I carried an electric cooker to prepare baby's dinner n lunch, and I took murmura, poha, oats n khichdi mix, dry fruits for my 9.5mnths kid. We went with a couple who has no kid. Though we booked a hotel and no washing cloths as diaper used, but with an infant it was challenging to catch up with the couple, BUT they are so gentle and well mannered, they gave us the time for cooking, feeding, preparing the kid. Hubby did all poop cleaning. I am pleased to have such friends and hubby.

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