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    Try to increase your breast milk.. pls take a Lactare tablet, and if still not sufficient, then give formula with glass or spoon.

    Formula milk is best, but make sure there should be a gap 2 – 3 hrs between formula milk and breast milk. If he or she is not satisfied, then you can increase the ml. After some time, you can slowly start semi-solid food like fruit puree rice and dal water and Ragi porridge.


    Babies cry at night sometimes because they don't get sleep. If she is fine in the morning with her feeding means your baby is getting enough milk. Don't worry… Try to make your baby active in the morning so that she go for a good sleep at night.


    Give formula milk Nan Pro its light on the baby’s stomach and doesn’t let the baby put on too much weight….give her once at night in the beginning and slowly increasing to 2 then three feeds as your baby grows, and so does its needs.

    Als ensure your baby is not crying because of gas burp after every feed.

    OR you can try roasted cumin powder with milk for increasing breast milk.


    Your milk is not less child is having stomach pain that's y crying. Please burp him after the feed. If advisable, give colic aid drops before a feed for some days once or twice a day.

    If still, the problem persists, You have better Lactate powder increase your Brest milk don't give formula milk.

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