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    Now you must start with Raggi Sattu and with all kid of mashed fruits and veggies
    You can also introduce dal rice water or khichadi in the fine paste so that baby can gulp easy.
    Your baby can put on healthy weight if you start Raggi Sattu or healthy homemade porridge. Don’t worry babies will put on there weight accordingly
    Just that you must start with all kind of boiled veg purée or apple-pear purée start with 5..6 feed of spoon Also, give boiled but room temperature water. Only milk will not provide the child, proper nutrition.

    Even my baby didn’t get Breast Feed and was also on Nan option.
    But unfortunately even the lactose was an intolerance for him, so we stared with Raggi Sattu or porridge when he was just 3 to 4 months, and now he is 7 + month, and we give all veg potatoes, beetroot, carrot purée. One veg a day and one fruit puree like apple pear small banana, pomegranate, watermelon along with plain dal rice khichadi one time in the afternoon and most of the time Raggi and wheat porridge in between.

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