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    There are many options you can have besides water in a low carb diet.

    • Unsweetened tea and unsweetened flavoured water.
    • Herbalife tea
    • Natural electrolytes and a natural energy shot.
    • Pellegrino or topo Chico


    Black coffee in the morning, water the rest of the day, occasionally a herbal tea in the evening, or a glass of red wine.

    Also, be careful of fizzy drinks even if zero sugar and carbs, the sweeteners can make your body crave carbs. I used to drink copious amounts of Diet Coke or Coke Zero but have quit now as was making me stall. Try infusing water overnight with lemon.

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    Carrot juice in the morning as a meal placement, Decaffeinated ice coffee in the afternoon then a glass of ice water for the rest of the day. Once I'm home it's lemonade lightly sugared or Yogi tea. 🙂 

    And for my cravings for chocolate, I drink almond dark chocolate milk, it's not as good as the milk chocolate, but it helps with the cravings.

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