What are The Most Satiating Healthy Foods For You If You Are On Intermittent Fasting?

What are the most satiating healthy foods for you? Especially oils? (Olive oil seems not to satiate me at all – butter is better).

We all know that proteins satiate more than carbs. But there are also differences between meals.

For me, most satiating:
Pork fat
Pork meat
Mozzarella cheese

Least satiating:

All carbs
Olive oil from oils satiates me least.


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    For me, the most satiating is carbs from whole foods. It's high volume and fills me up.
    Fat is not satiating at all for me. It's such a low volume and high calorie, plus it makes everything taste better so assists in overeating.
    Especially pork, it's so high fat and high calorie. Tastes so good, I can overeat on it
    I love high carb with low-moderate fat.

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    Satiation is very complicated though, and palatability plays a role, and also just personal preference can make a difference. Fat and simple carbohydrates tend to have high palatability which leaves you wanting more of them as well.


    Protein is the most satiating and also has the highest thermic effect of food. It's much harder for the body to use protein as energy so you literally get full before hitting your macros and that's why most people feel the need to force-feed themselves to hit their protein goals.


    Carbs (pasta, rice, potatoes) and protein (eggs, meat, whey, casein) is the base of my diet, as they are most satiating. I don’t eat much fat, as it is not very satiating and has the highest calories per gram. For the frying pan, I use a measured amount of butter generally.


    Yeah, fat is one of the least satiating.
    Protein > food is high in fiber and water content > fat and sugar.
    Fat can appear to be more satiating, but that’s mediated by its energy density. If you take it kcal/kcal it’s nowhere near as satiating as other macromolecules.

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