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    Macros are macronutrients. There are three: protein, carbs, fat. Eating towards your macro goals is mainly for recomposition (i.e. getting leaner).

    Percentages are a harder way to go at the beginning.

    1g protein = 4kcal
    1g carb = 4kcal
    1g fat = 9kcal

    Eat one gram of protein for every pound of your goal Bodyweight (i.e. 125 lbs = 125g of protein). Fill the rest of your calories with whichever else you like (carbs or fat).

    Keep in a deficit to lose weight or a surplus to gain weight. Or eat at maintenance to keep at your current weight.


    Don’t approach it with percentages... match 1g protein with your goal bodyweight. If your goal bodyweight is 125, then take in 125 grams of protein. 125g protein = 500 calories… fill I the rest of your calories with fats and carbs as you see fit.

    So if 1200 calories are your goal, fill the remaining 700 calories between carbs and fat. Try to eat as much non-processed nutritious food in that 700 calories to ensure you’re getting everything your body needs.

    For women, it should be 1g protein for lean body mass (LBM). Take your goal body weight and subtract whatever your goal body fat percentage would be and that would be your lean body mass. (ie 125 lbs with 19 percent body fat is ~100 lbs. So this hypothetical woman would eat 100 g of protein. 100g protein is 400 calories which leave 800 calories to split between fat and carbs.)


    Well, it depends on what your calories are. For me, I'm looking at 1200 calories. I'm going to have a 4 oz steak, 3 cups of Greek salad, 2 cups of sweet potato, and 1/2 cup of homemade garlic hummus and a piece of whole wheat pita bread.

    Which is 45% carb 35 fat and 20% protein.


    Lower the carbs. Eat meat, salad or veg, plenty of good fats, some dairy/cheese, some nuts or seeds.

    I split my calories as follows protein is 1g/lb of lean body mass .35g fat, and the rest naturally go-to carbs. Not a fan of percentages…

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