Can we Gain Physical Strength With Heavy Weights When on a Caloric Deficit for Fat Loss?

So obviously, I can’t build muscle weight/size while in a caloric deficit for fat loss, but has anyone noticed an ability to gain physical strength with heavy weights while doing so? I have noticed increases in small increments on days I’m not totally drained from work, and am perfectly fine just maintaining my strength while cutting fat… But would love to get stronger and leaner.

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    I've been doing free weights and strength training. I've noticed some toning in my legs, and I definitely feel stronger. I'm in a deficit and still want to lose 15-20 pounds while trying to tone up.

    I was able to increase my dumbbell bench press from 36kg (5 reps) to 40kg(5 reps). And with a calorie deficit.


    Absolutely yes, I’ve had this effect too. Very slightly. You’re right that you can’t physically build muscle right now, but I’ve personally had slight strength increases, and I’ve read/heard about being able to do so in years past. It really makes me want to eat in a surplus to build, but I still have to get that last bit of fat off before switching back!

    Also, I think it depends on where you start; if you are new to weight lifting, it is much more feasible. I have seen my friend; his strength has dropped slightly while being in a caloric deficit.


    I don’t think I’m getting much bigger while on Intermittent Fasting and in a caloric deficit, but I am increasing weights or reps in my sets weekly/bi-weekly.

    I think it's reasonably well known if you lift and eat enough you get bigger and stronger. If you lift and don't eat enough, you just get stronger.

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