Why Do People on Raw Vegan Diet Don’t Use Salt?

Why do you avoid sea salt or pink Himalayan salt? I gave up table salt in my 20’s and was later diagnosed with hypothyroidism and then later adrenal fatigue. A few years ago, I was instructed to add in pink salt because the minerals are good for the adrenals.

I started using it generously on my cooked vegan food, and it made a tremendous difference. I have low blood pressure. I started raw on June 1st and have noticed that people don’t use salt. I’m just curious as to what is wrong with it. I’m struggling with energy due to adrenal fatigue.

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    Pink salt is good for you in small amounts. It is made up of minerals and salt whereas table salt is so processed it has a much higher salt content and no minerals. Basically, it’s the same as fruit being good for you because it contains natural sugar vs dumping white table sugar on your food.

    I have low blood pressure too, and I also enjoy pink salt and use it as well. I’m thin, and I don’t feel like it’s unhealthy. I’m sure some use too much.

    I use it in small amounts… not often either… A sprinkle of cucumber once in a while does the trick for me.


    I currently use it…pink…but I feel that until I completely "heal" I need it. I don't use much…I don't think anyone who has switched from traditional food to raw …uses nearly as much as they used to.

    I think during my healing that I currently require it to build up my minerals etc. I am hoping once I heal…which may take a long time. I won't require much or any added salt. With our food so deficient it can be a challenge to get enough minerals/nutrients etc.


    Most raw vegans don´t use salt, although I do (Himalayan) I also suffer from very low blood pressure, hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue although I'm sure that's not the solution to those problems at all. For the moment I am using it, but want to eventually move away from it, the same way I quit coffee 42 days ago.

    My naturopath recommends liquorice root extract (alcohol-free) for low blood pressure.


      I have the same issues with hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue and low blood pressure too. I was instructed by my dr to use the pink salt and it seemed to really help. I do not get the jitters or any overstimulating symptom when I use it (I usually feel like a zombie and very slow to react to anything).

      I think it's extremely low cortisol. I do not drink caffeine. This salt thing is quite confusing. Sounds like I may have been misinformed by my dr.


    I have naturally low blood pressure and I need salt. I'm very stressed and crave sugar and fat without it. Also, if you live in the south (US), you probably need to add salt in some way to your diet. You can pass out working outside on a hot day like my fruitarian friend.

    Anyone who leaves off iodized salt needs to add iodine if you live in the US due to a lack of iodine in our soil. Kelp works. ALL salt deposits are sea salt from geological ages past. Nevertheless, I feel best on Himalayan salt, for whatever reason.


    Salt is very, very dehydrating, an adrenal stimulant, toxin, and inorganic mineral. Go without for a few months and then ingest and watch how you get bloated and feel toxic. Get your mineral salts, including sodium from the plants. Celery is a great source.

    You can also use kelp and other seaweed for a salty taste. They have organic salts, the ones your body can actually use. It is natural sodium we need, not salt, and we can get that from celery, and fresh, raw, ripe, tomatoes, etc. The salt in celery is organic, and even individuals who are salt-sensitive can safely take the sodium in celery. Salt cravings are an adrenal gland weakness. You must strengthen and rebuild your adrenal glands.

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    Nothing wrong with salt it's just most foods bought and take out have salt added, and we don't need so much salt. Table salt should be banned. Occasionally as in once a week ill have Celtic sea salt its better for us. I get salt from seaweeds like dulse every day, which is what we need not the dirty table salt.

    Although salt is damaging and some fruitarians vomit if they eat it, if folks transition away from it without ensuring absorption from other sources like celery and citrus they can have some of the same troubles avoiding it cures like heart disease and diabetes.

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