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    Whenever we have to add more volume, green veggies or any low carb veggies are great to help
    Like with 25 g wheat flour, one chapati can be made, but if spinach or methi is added one can get two parathas…
    Fibre makes you full & feels satiated
    Same for rice, add veggies or cauliflower rice
    Hung curd with Italian seasoning tastes great as a dip for cucumber or carrot sticks.


    Cucumber is a great option. A kilo fit will only set you back by about 80 or so calories. Recently, I have tried adding boiled potatoes to my diet, and I love the kind of volume they add to my diet without adding too many calories. Boil them, add your favourite spices, add some coriander and green chillies, enjoy alongside homemade curd and thank me later.

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