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    My son too was underweight with only 12 kg at 4 yrs I gave him black rice powder along with milk twice a day and sometimes cooked black rice with banana and milk powder, and you know what his weight gradually increased at 15 trust me.

    Black rice is also anti-cancerous it’s good for both mama and baby if you wanna try I can help you My son is also an asthma patient; health comes 1st, so never skip black rice.

    You have to take it in a small amount if it’s powder than you can add one spoon in any milk products my kids and I take it every day in the morning.


    There are many options for food items for kids.  You can add below items in his daily food in a creative way.

    • Dry fruit laddus, add ghee in his dal, give a banana shake, give cheese and chikku milkshake
    • Egg white, dry fruits powder,
    • Egg, ghee, jaggery, dry fruit
    • Banana milkshake
    • Eggs chicken mutton soup dal rice with ghee cheese


    You can also, give Pediasure two times a day; my son has started gaining weight by it

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