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    Eliminate all for a period of time – a month or so – then add it back and see what the difference is in how he feels and behaves. For a lot of kids, just a little impacts behavior in a big way.


    I do not have celiac disease but have an intolerance or sensitivity, or according to my naturopath, it's an allergy.
    I have eliminated all gluten, dairy, nuts, and so many other things. If it's a problem, it's a problem. It takes longer than you think for inflammation to go down, so if you're occasionally doing damage to the body, the negative effects are going to continue.
    I have found other ways to make yummy foods and treats.

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    Get rid of it all. My organs were literally shutting down from gluten and dairy. If someone had stopped me from eating it when I was a kid I would not have IBS, an autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, eczema, anxiety, and years and years of sickness. You don't want your child going through the same things I went through for 30 years.


    This is my personal opinion. It is gleaned from too many decades of having to research medical stuff to reach a celiac diagnosis and be able to ask intelligent questions about other serious health problems.

    I believe that intolerance is just as dangerous as celiac. People would not choose this gluten-free nightmare without sound reasons. It took medicine too long to recognize the celiac disease. They wrote it off as nothing while people die from it. The diagnosis is still challenging. All this points to a real need to validate intolerance. 

    My husband watched me nearly die, knows I am 100% celiac. He still does not always "get it."

    You may have to apply consequences for eating gluten at the homes of others. Your main job is to help him reach adulthood with all his limbs and health. It is not a choice he has sense enough to make. Like playing in the street, he can't eat gluten. Make it a rule with rewards and consequences. Give him ways to explain. Be there for him when it is hard. Make it safe to say "no" and be different.


      Same as me… I completely eliminated Gluten and Dairy for the last three years.. even today, I can't tolerate coffee, egg, red wine, along with Gluten and Normal Milk… I use Lactose-free milk… I get diarrhea, joint pain, and horrible headache from Gluten and Milk. Milk is a very worst reaction, make bloody diarrhea… Horrible…
      I would suggest to avoid completely even if you have mild reactions..


    My advice from personal experience I've always eaten everything but just recently, after a tummy bug I can not tolerate much gluten. I believe it's because one if my son has a gluten allergy and the other has a yeast intolerance, so we don't eat bread, and most meals are naturally gluten-free. So for a few months before this bug, I was eating pretty much a gluten-free diet as it made things easier, plus it saved me worrying if my son got hold of anything he shouldn't. But now I get really bad tummy pains and a lot of bloating I literally look like I'm eight months pregnant. 

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