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    Not every brand, not every flavour. My safest go-to route has been Blue Bell flavours. But, you have to avoid the cake/cookie flavours, as Blue Bell puts actual chunks of the cake or cookie in their ice cream.

    Read the labels carefully! Some are processed on facilities that also process wheat!!!

    You'll have to read all the ingredients especially the ones that say cake batter, fudge this, a brownie that, cookie this, cake that, graham cracker this, pumpkin pie that, etc…


    Turkey hill has a natural ingredient ice cream that doesn't contain wheat. If you buy ice cream like cookies n cream it will contain wheat. Keep the ice cream flavour simple and they should mostly be gluten-free.

    Also,  Blue Bell has changed the recipe for their Dutch Chocolate ice cream and it doesn't contain wheat now is a great example of the fact that labels should be re-read occasionally. Some products could change and become gluten-free, while others may have ingredients change and not be gluten-free any more. I get used to using the same products and forget to double-check to make sure they haven't changed.


    It's not just the flavour, but the brand. Bluebell vanilla is not Gluten-Free, The Gluten-Free app helps you identify the Gluten-Free ones. Also, Haagen Dazs makes Gluten-Free flavours and labels them. If you go to an ice cream shop, ask if they are Gluten-Free.

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