Any Ideas for Exercise That Doesn’t Involve Human Interaction or Even Seeing People on the Street?

Eating is no longer my problem. Exercise is. I don’t want to see other people at all, so I exercise at home. They say the best exercise is the one you actually do. So the only one I seem to be able to do daily is walking in front of the TV with 2kg weights for 1 hour a day. This from doing absolutely nothing – and I mean nothing as I work from my bed online. Any other ideas for exercise that doesn’t involve human interaction or even seeing people on the street? I don’t even want to go on a walk as it’s a small town and I’m tired of the fat lady walking laughter. I live in Asia, and this kind of thing is socially acceptable, but I just order everything online and don’t go out.

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    I used to think much like you. The first exercise I would recommend is meditation. Is not a joke. Sometimes our worst enemy is our mind and meditation helps enormously, you will definitely change your mind and won’t be such an issue not stepping out of your home or seek other people. Try it. Nothing to lose. And by doing so, hour, possibilities on physical exercise will expand too.


    Try to work from a kitchen counter. Just standing while you work will burn more calories than working from bed or a desk.

    Also, you can do Yoga!   Look online for yoga weight loss videos and get stronger every day.

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    I think we need to work on your self-confidence before anything else for a couple of reasons…

    1- Coz you aren’t even fat

    2- success starts from within.

    Let’s figure out how to get you to a place mentally where you don’t feel you have to hide from the world. That’s a good place to start this journey.

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