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    Drink one-litre milk every day. Eat kheer made with 1 TB spoon Rawa roasted in 1 TB spoon ghee add 250 ml milk, cook for 2 minutes then add 2 tbsp jaggery to it and cardamom powder or saffron for flavour, eat hot every day. Also, eat green veg like methi.

    You can also try, fenugreek/methi dosas…soak methi seeds in water and then grind. Add it in dosa.
    Kept on feeding your baby, even when you don't have enough. That helps the supply. That will surely improve.


    Try black rice powder mix it with any milk powder of your choice it’s same effective case happen to me in my first birth bt at the 2nd birth I consume it with lactonic.

    You can try some other options:

    • Add lots of jeera in your roti sabzi and dal. You can also add two tablespoons of Galact Granules in your milk in the morning as well as evening.
    •  Add some jaggery in roasted cumin ground them a little (without grinder). Have 3,4 spoon with cow milk, for 2or 3 days. It’s beneficial and hassle-free
    • Eat low salt spicy food with a lot of curries and drink lots of water.
    • Have fried dry fruits.

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