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    Calmoseptine. That stuff is amazing. You have to get it from the pharmacy but it doesn't require a prescription.

    Preventing and treating minor skin irritations (eg, caused by cuts, scrapes, minor burns, perspiration, itching, wound drainage).

    Calmoseptine ointment is an analgesic, antiseptic, antipruritic, and skin protectant combination. It works by temporarily relieving itching and pain. It also decreases moisture in the affected area.

    I use Boudreaux's butt paste… Calmoseptin works fantastic as well. Also, I use witch hazel wipes or gentle baby wipes when in a pinch, needing to be extra gentle.


    Treat it as a haemorrhoid. Get some witch hazel wipes, also using a spray may help better so u don't actually have to touch it… soak 2-3 times a day in a warm bath at least 3 inches deep to help keep it clean since wiping can be more bothersome… I get similar issues ever since getting my gallbladder out, due to too much bile having nothing to regulate how much is released.

    Don't apply Vaseline products to your skin. Especially petroleum jelly. It's an oil byproduct and does absorb into the skin.


    Be careful with anything you put on your skin. Lots of products contain gluten. Check for a good diaper rash cream for your rear. As for the acid… it's for sure diet-related. Cut out all spicy or acidic foods. Especially tomatoes!

    This happens to me when I get a hold of dairy or too much espresso in a short amount of time. I have a prescription cream and I also soak for 20 minutes in a hot bath with Epson salt. I also only use Cetaphil liquid soap to wash the area.

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    Maybe there's something else in your diet you are allergic to. Perhaps it's causing a further reaction. I can't have gluten but also milk bothers me. And actually I feel the very best when I eat gluten-free, and sugar-free. Try to do an elimination diet. Perhaps a fast of sorts where you eliminate all possible allergens and add one back at a time and look for a reaction. Or talk to your Dr to see if they will do some tests.

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