How to Get Rid of Lice Naturally at Home?

I m looking for help. I have full-time support, who is recently back from her village and has got lice in her head. And I am scared that me and my one-year little one may get infected. Any help or remedies. She spends a lot of time with my little one as I work full time.

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    Try Neem leaf. Ask your maid to soak neem leaf in half a bucket of hot water for an hour. Wash her hair with any shampoo, and final rinsing with the neem leaf soaked water. She should be clear of lice!

    There are more options too.

    •  Ask her to clean her hair…. Use Medicare for a month…. Coconut oil with Kapoor.
    • For kids it's Perlice… It's a rinse cream to be applied half an hour after a shampoo wash. But just need to be careful that it does not go in d eyes… And after that comb with the lice comb.
    • Soaked methi seeds overnight and ground them into a fine paste in the morning. Then apply on hair.

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