How to Break Keto Stall?

Ugh!!!!!! Stall is reaching six weeks.

I have done all but had a full-on cheat day. I tried a higher healthy carb day, but I couldn’t get enough to get out of ketosis without overeating, I was so full. The scale dipped down the following two days but then went right back.

I tried eating only between noon and 8. I am just so frustrated…

I’m exhausted, kind of sad, and I don’t know what to do…

I have fifteen pounds to go, and I’m never going over 20gs carbs and my calories about 1200-1300 and my macros good. I’ve been staying the course now for almost two months with no change in inches or the scale.

I’m trying to believe that once my new treadmill gets here that it will help break this stall as I’m 15lbs from goal… but I’m not terribly optimistic.

What broke your stall?

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    More fat, less protein. That's the major change I made before my stall broke. I can't say for sure that was the cause, though.

     I also stopped tracking. It was taking too much time and making me anxious. Anxiety raises cortisol levels. Cortisol makes us hang onto fat. Stop pushing yourself. Be happy where you and I bet the stall will break on its own.


    I just came out for a three months stall.. cut off dairy and nuts and believe it not, reduced my workout hours. I was doing 16/8 fast, and nothing changed. So I just stopped doing that and added a little bit more protein, and all worked well.


    I started keto 11 months ago. Never 'cheated'. 7 months in, I stalled for 4 months. Still never 'cheated'. 2 weeks ago, I went on vacation. I cheated. I gained 5lbs. Got back on the keto wagon, and I've been steadily losing a pound a day!


    Watch doing too many creative "Keto" substitute foods, like the bread and treats! I have recipes for almond/coconut flour recipes. Haven't made yet..but the fat bombs? Oh, I have made three recipes. And they each got me through a rough spot — no gain…and good keto choices. 


    Then try a cheat meal, not a whole day. That's setting yourself up to fall off. Or up your carbs to close to 100g and drink at least a gallon of water. I think many of us have had success doing this, but you might also give keto a try. 

    Just plan out the rest of the day after the cheat meal so it's not as hard.


      I'm not sure, but I think I found the culprit…. sucralose in my coffee flavoring. I swore it was erythritol. #fail and I were drinking A LOT of it.


        For me, it's usually two things: too much of these hidden things or added items (erythritol or other additives) or not drinking enough water – even on Keto//OS.


    Have you tried eliminating dairy and any sweeteners?

    Sometimes dairy is inflammatory to the body. I recommend cutting it out and see if it helps.

    Also, start taking turmeric. It's a natural anti-inflammatory and does wonder. I take turmeric supplements. I tried to take the seasoning in all kinds of stuff.

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