How to Break Intermittent Fasting the Right Way?

I’m new to intermittent fasting, and I’m doing this with a Keto combo, because of my work schedule, a 20:4 or an 18:6 makes a lot of sense to me. Sometimes my job provides lunch. What advice would you have to prepare to break the fast on those days or modifications?

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    You could plan your window during your lunch hour. I have moved up my window by a few hours before, and then I had to fast a few extra hours the next day to get back on track. It worked for me.


    Just enjoy the lunch and don’t sweat the hours… as long as you adjust your calories for the day and include the lunch, you won’t even notice the longer eating window. Then the next day just resumes as normal if you’d like…. no need to extend your fast. The diet is more important than the fasting window.


    This is why I do OMAD. I choose one meal per day to eat . For example this past weekend on Saturday I fasted until dinner because we were going out to a nice restaurant, but on Sunday morning we ate brunch with friends, and I fasted again until Monday dinner. So basically, I choose one meal per awake time to eat. But always try and stay between 1400-1800 calories.

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