How Important is To Track Calories in Terms of Weight Loss?

Hey all…do you all eat within a certain calorie range on days you don’t fast? Before considering Intermittent Fasting, I joined MyFitnessPal, but I am wondering if I still need to track calories if I do a 24/36 hour fast once or twice a week? I am so used to overeating that I’m not sure how much I’m actually consuming if I don’t track calories. Can you do 16/8 daily? And if you can, would I still watch calories/macros? How important is that in terms of weight loss?

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    I keep it as simple as possible, I fast (longest was five days), and when I don't fast, I eat a keto until I'm satisfied and then go back to fasting till I'm hungry and then repeat the cycle. Works well for me.
    I did track religiously in the beginning because I also over-ate, but since introducing fasting and Intermittent Fasting, I no longer need to.


    I absolutely do not set any calorie restrictions on my body. I keep my carbs below 20, eat moderate protein, and eat as much fat as I want. I do Intermittent Fasting, OMAD (One Meal a Day), and extended fasting as well. Basically I eat when I'm hungry and don't when I'm not, but I do make sure to eat 3000-5000 calories a day at least once every couple of weeks. Mostly I'm doing what I can to keep the body guessing and to keep my metabolism from lowering.

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    On most trackers, you have to pick an arbitrary calorie goal to start with. Just pick one that gets your carb and protein goals where you want them. Since you flex your fat intake depending on hunger, the actual calories don't matter.


    I have lost slowly, but consistently on OMAD for several months. I'm not in a rush, and this seems to suit me. I will hold at weight for 6-8 weeks, then drop 5-6# and several inches. No exercise needed!


      Please explain your full routine to help me – including water, supplements, meals, fat intake, etc. thanks in advance.


        I eat only OMAD; it would be hard for me to go over any of my macros. I tracked in the beginning when I was eating three meals a day to get the hang of it. I get fuller faster, even though I only eat once a day. Sometimes I'm hungry during the day, and then I eat. I listen to my body. I only have 15# to go, probably, so I don't care how fast I get there. My body likes this way of living and will settle where it settles. I try to put fat on everything… olive oil in the salad, butter on cooked veggies, fatty cuts of meat, eating coconut milk from a can (the thick, rich part), cooking in bacon grease, eating bacon a couple of times a week. I take Fish Oil, Magnesium Glycinate, NOSalt for the potassium, and use Pink Himalayan Salt on everything I can. This is a forever way of life for us… not a diet. 

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