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    A cup of coffee, a teaspoon-tablespoon of ghee or coconut oil (or heavy whipping cream or mascarpone if you're doing dairy), and a teaspoon-tablespoon of erythritol or Sukrin and blitz it in the NutriBullet, blender or with a stick blender.

    When I do a water fast, I drink it black. Took some getting used to! But it works great! I add ice to it the rest of the day, and that's pretty much all I drink until 5 pm, or so, then I switch to mineral water. The coffee really helps with hunger.


    I can drink it black, but I am much more picky about the roast and quality when I am drinking it black. Make sure you have a coffee you like. Or a lot of people still do BPC on a fast, I avoid the HWC because it does have protein and I don't want to halt autophagy, but if it helps you, it's ok to do just a little in your coffee.


    You don't have to drink coffee. Something on a fast. It's water only. You could also make Bullet Proof Tea. Instead, I drink a cup of warm lemon water to start my day.

    If you don't like coffee, it's certainly not required on a fast!…

    If still wants to have coffee.. Try below options.

    • Get the hazelnut or caramel flavored Moccona coffee.
    • Spice it up by adding a splash of Tabasco sauce.
    • Use a little salt and monk fruit.



    I can't make it completely fast because I take a medicine that requires food to dissolve, so I take it with my cream coffee in the AM. But I can undoubtedly fast the rest of the time, which I have done. Usually in 3-4 day stretches. I have done a 30 day fast, but I was deathly ill at the time.


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