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    I eat keto foods when I break a fast — green salad with fat dressings. Also, I eat some meat. No fruits. That is not keto.

    Most people eat nuts then a small meal.

    Dr. Fung says a handful of almonds or a tbsp of nut butter. Then wait an hour to eat a small meal

    I heard if it's three days and under, you could eat what you want (keto ) but don't overeat. Think of small meals.


    I break my five and six-day fasts with two scrambled eggs every time. I've experimented with several different ways of breaking them to see which has the best results in regards to how I feel afterward and just eggs (cooked in MCT oil) works best for me. I've tried eggs and bacon, just almonds, eggs with almonds, veggies, and a few other things, but the eggs alone seem to waken up my system just enough.

    I also like a spinach egg scramble would be a good way to break a fast. I usually have a small spinach salad. And it washes through me in about an hour. My body is still ridding itself of toxins.

    I also don't have meat until day 2, or sometimes day 3 of breaking the fast. My body responds better this way, but it took several 5 to 6-day fasts for me to figure out what works, so, try what you want and see what happens:)


    My routine starts with some bone broth, and I use Pacific Organic chicken bone broth. No junk in it. Then five macadamia nuts, well chewed. Wait for a half-hour. Eat a meal, not eggs, with some digestive enzymes. Eggs do not set with me post fast.

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