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    You can have below options for Energy:

    • Chia Seeds
    • Avocado fruit & avocado oil
    • MCT oil in the morning coffee.
    • Cocaine
    • Juice plus berries and veggie capsules
    • Coffee, Green tea, B vitamins.
    • Fat gives you energy
    • Fruits
    • Drink lots of water and take vitamins like B12, Potassium, etc.
    • Peanut butter

    I use Shakeology, and it gives me amazing energy plus it is ALL natural!!
    I've lost 15lbs just this year with just one shake per day 🙂 It helps curb the appetite while sustaining energy, so you don't get that blood sugar drop. It also lowers my sweet cravings. It's pretty incredible stuff that's loaded with whole veggies/fruits/superfoods/vitamins!


    Well, one day, I drank 12 cups of coffee and a sugarfree Monster. But I do not recommend that! I do drink coffee with heavy cream, though, partly because I work nights. I have noticed that cold water gives me energy, too!

    Also, Black coffee + organic coconut oil = rocket fuel

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