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    I like chia seeds. I haven't had any stomach issues, but I've seen it recommended that a person drink lots of water to make sure there are no issues. Since I already drink lots of water on this woe, I've never had any issues.


    I put a spoon full in my yogurt, 2 in my oatmeal drink low PH 7 water, and sometimes will mix with flax seeds. I spread them on a streak if I ever eat one.

    High fiber 'bombs' can cause distress in the tummy when you are not used to it, I think you need to develop a different ratio of beneficial digestive bacteria.


    You can try Chia Seeds in different ways to avoid Stomach Issue:

    • Put them in protein shake every morning.
    • Put them in almond milk with my smoothie.
    • You can add on Salads.
    • Add chia seeds in the blender to make my smoothies.

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