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    Look into blood sugar/Blood pressure. I had the same thing, but infrequently. When I allowed my blood sugar to get *too* low (couldn’t sleep at night, so my body kept working on top of the fasting), and then I ate a meal that had even only moderate carbs, 

    I had a terrible headache and slightly blurred vision. From my research, it’s a result of a sudden and significant increase in blood sugar. Since it only happened a couple of times, I’m pretty sure the situation was just odd, and it’s not an indication of diabetes or any other issue. But if you follow everyone’s advice and still experience the headaches, perhaps consult a dr.

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    The reasonable explanation is that the blood into the blood vessels surrounding the stomach will increase because you ate after a long time of fasting, causing a slight decrease of the blood flow to the brain. My advice is to try to break your fast with a small meal then allow one to 2 hours and eat your main meal and see what happen.


      I did the same.

      I don't know exactly why it is happening, because I've sweat too much, and during fasting, I took 1.5 litres of water. I am a teacher, and I have to talk a lot with students, and at the same time, I have to do lots of brain work, I maintain 16 hours of fasting.


    If your body gets into ketosis and then you kick it out of ketosis with a high carb meal you may be reacting to the effects of bouncing out of ketosis. You could adjust your carb intake. You could be sensitive. Furthermore, your electrolytes could be out of balance. Coconut water, magnesium, salt can help balance that.


    I got severe migraine then realised that my carbs intake was way too low. Adjust that and am ok. Also, when breaking fast start light then hourly built on heavier. Don’t forget to hydrate during fast it helps.

    Drink lots of water, coffee and tea. That’ll eliminate the shakes too.

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