Did Anyone Else Experience Rapid Weight Loss When Beginning Keto?

Did anyone else experience rapid weight loss when beginning keto? I’m about ten days in, and I’ve lost 2 lbs. Half of me is really happy with any progress, and half of me wonders if I’m doing something wrong. I see so many many people losing weight rapidly. For reference, I’m 5’5, my starting weight was 169 pounds, and I’m at 167 pounds this morning. My goal is to get into the high 140s.

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    2 pounds is pretty good. Especially when you take into account the fact that you're a woman, so your body is going to retain water and go through all kinds of hormonal changes throughout the month. You might just be retaining the water. I'd notice that after my "time" I'd drop like 4lbs in a day.


    Yes. Four months and 5 pounds lost. I was pretty low carb before going full-on keto, so I didn't get the initial water weight whoosh. I'm also hypothyroid and post-menopausal and work a sedentary desk job. It's still worth the relief from my SIBO and less joint pain eating this way, but I sure would love to see the scale moving down and inches going, because so far not much change at all. You're not necessarily doing anything wrong. Our bodies can be really stubborn. I am 51, 5'4", started at 176 and currently sitting at 169 for the past several weeks. My best weight health/feel good wise was 125, but I'd settle for 130s, so it may still take me the rest of the year to reach that, but I'll enjoy the journey.

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    I'm 5'2, started at 170. Been keto for a year now and I've JUST hit a 20lb loss. Everyone is different. Don't compare yourself to others… as hard as it is (and I know). Just keep going!


    I'm still shocked I haven't gained!! Whipping cream, nuts, bacon, fat bombs come on!! Lol oh, and butter I get to slather butter on all kinds of stuff?? So when I read that people are wondering what's wrong because they haven't lost – I gotta chuckle? I started maybe four weeks ago had two sugar nights, but overall cruising along the way they tell us to and yup the scale went down 2lbs?? I'm finding it hilarious!! Those big drops are water, someone put a post on YouTube about how are fat cells grab on to the water, but once the fat is drained, they finally release the water. Whatever the case maybe I'm just tickled pink I get to eat all this yummy food and not gain weight!😂


    Same! I've been keto for a month. I'm meticulous with my macros; have been fasting (18/6) for 2 weeks and running 4 days a week. Only losing 1-2 pounds a week. It's definitely hard seeing other people losing 20+ pounds in the same time frame. But progress is progress! 😃


    I'm very new to keto. I have 40-45lbs to lose. I have been on this lifestyle change since this past Monday. I'm down 6 lbs. Everyone is different. Don't give up. Make sure your consuming your protein first and then fill in your items around that. 

    If you notice, the people who have a lot more to lose seem to do it faster! When you only have 20-to lose vs 100….it seems to take longer.

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