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    I'm naturally a brunette, and I developed a wheat allergy from having a severe grass allergy for years. I know those genetics after play a role, but I wouldn't see where hair colour would come into play.

    How can hair colour be a factor as to whether you have an allergy? My son has light brown hair and has an egg allergy.


    I have blonde hair and have food allergies. My oldest son has light brown hair and food allergies. My husband and best friend are both dark brunettes with terrible seasonal allergies, and my friend has some food intolerances — nothing to do with hair.

    Get him a new doctor — what a weird thing to associate allergies with.


    Made him a doctors appointment with a new doctor so hopefully, they know more. I am brown hair and have a lot of allergies, but mine is because of a blood syndrome. I know he has not got. 

    Judging by the diversity of the people, who have allergies, I'd say your doctor got his medical education from his great grandmother.

    Never even knew blonde hair correlated with allergies.

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