Does Introducing the Kids with Books & Games at Early Stages a Good Idea Parenting Wise?

I read a lot of posts about introducing books & games early for the development of the child. I follow a slightly different approach. I haven’t added any books, although my baby is 1. I don’t train him to play any game as such either — no specific routine.

My baby plays around the house & we take him to the park now & then. I don’t have any plans to introduce him to any school(playschool) before he turns 3. He will eventually get into the grind of routine & then there’s no coming out. Rules & regulations are to be followed throughout. So why rush I feel. Right now, he is just exploring things on his own. Is the push towards faster development essential? Do you think I’m wrong?

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    Reading books is quite a different thing than routines, though. That's about providing opportunities. We barely played developmentally appropriate games but were quite persistent with things like tummy time. But with books, we read to her from when she was a few days old.

    Can I also say that a child under one doesn't need routine. But as they become toddlers, and want independence, a loose structure gives them security. And you can let them design it. Like mine would insist that she wanted to water plants first thing every day. It made her calm and gave her something to do. She tried to help to unload the dishwasher. She likes to go out in the afternoons. Predictability can comfort toddlers. It also gives them a sense of being empowered.


    My baby has just turned one, and she loves books.
    I've been reading to her/ showing her books since she wasn't even six months old.
    Reading to children is different from following a routine. According to me, learning to kids is more of bonding time than anything else.

    She loves flapping, watching n tearing colourful pages of promotion booklets with grocery n vegetable pictures from the mall.


    Exposure doesn't accelerate development in any way. The most important thing here would be the difference between structured and unstructured play. So if you hand a book to a child or if the child finds it attractive, there is no harm, as long as it is child-led. But if there are goals in mind, structure, techniques, instructions and guidance, then that kind of arrangement would not stimulate the child's thinking and exploration.

    The more we slow down, the faster the pace of development and no harm in that, all children will reach their potential in their own time, but by extra efforts and structure we might have a little success and accomplishment, but in the long run, it will come to bite us.

    So, you can have all sorts of stimulus available for the baby to see, touch, feel, and explore in their way. I see many parents stocking and arranging libraries at home; it is impressive. Still, when a child wants to take a book and tear the pages or fold the sheets or scribble or even throw the book, they won't allow it, there will be rules on what to do with the book as per the adult, and that is not necessary at the early childhood.

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      There is no harm in setting clear boundaries. I believe it is quite essential. If the child wants to scribble, tear up the pages or even eat them, give him/her alternatives such as newspapers or notepads that are dispensable. There is no need to let them tear up books from the library. It's important to teach children, age irrespective, that some things are okay while some aren't.


         I am not at all talking about actual libraries or home libraries of good books. But I am referring to kids who are like younger than school-going age or toddlers and are touching, feeling, licking books to explore them, love for books will not develop overnight, it will grow through exploration, that's all I meant, boundaries are essential but limits can be formed if the child experiences freedom first.


    My son loves to hold books and see the pictures in it and keep on blabbering something; I never forced him to read. Sometimes I read out the book to him to which he points out pictures from the book. And there is nothing right and nothing wrong it's how you want to bring up your child.

    Only thing is I used to tell him many stories, and we sang rhymes together. Till now, no video or mobile games. And Cartoon once in a while.
    Now he's in 1st standard and going to a school where there are no exams till 5th grade. But slowly he developed an interest in reading, and now he loves reading stories. Monday to Friday he follows a routine life, and on weekends he does whatever he likes, sleep, wake up and eat whenever he wants to.

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