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    Most likely, yes. If you’re taking medicines, keep an eye on your glucose as you may need to cut your dosage a little (or a lot). Much will depend on how long you’re fasting window is and if you also change the type of foods you’re eating.

    It helps mine A LOT! I'm a type 2 that do not take insulin. My numbers are now normal thanks to fasting.


    The research suggests that Intermittent Fasting may help with improving insulin sensitivity and blood glucose control, mainly by helping people eat less overall and, therefore, lose weight and fat.

    In general, my advice would be to:
    1. Eat-in a caloric deficit so that you lose weight.
    2. Find a dietary approach that helps you do the above (whether that involves doing IF or not)
    3. Eat primarily minimally processed foods.
    4. Keep carbs low to medium.
    5. Exercise frequently, doing both resistance training and cardio.

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