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    It does. I use lemons cucumbers or limes in my water if I want flavor. If a beverage can increase my cravings or hunger than there's no way that it risks a stall in my lifestyle. My worst fear, even after losing 115 lbs, is backsliding on my journey.

    I am a food addict and will be to the day I die, but my lifestyle choices don't have to represent that. I know I am head stong about something that seems so small, but those are the little things that keep me. In the right frame of mind on my keto/ intermittent fasting lifestyle!!


    Yes, your brain does not know the difference between real sugar and artificial sugar; therefore diet soda can still cause a spike in blood sugar levels and mess up ketosis.

    The closest you can get to eating clean, the better results you will have. The body is designed to run on fresh whole foods. Processed foods are artificial sweeteners mess your body up.

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    The biggest risk tends to be triggering cravings. It shouldn't kick you out of ketosis by itself, and it doesn't raise your blood sugar, because there's no sugar in it.

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