Does Anyone With Chronic Gastritis Feel if Throat is Choking When Taking Omeprazole Daily?

My 11-year-old daughter has been on a strictly Gluten-Free diet but continued to have pain. Endoscopy showed chronic gastritis as well, so we eliminated all acid inducing foods. She has been taking 40 mg of omeprazole for the last seven weeks.

Last week she started to feel as though she has something stuck in her throat, gets the hiccups several times a day, and is continuously nauseous. The doctor wants to have her drink barium to see if there is something in her throat. Anyone else with these symptoms? If so, what did your doctor do and what were the results?

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    I have had this feeling in my throat for the last four months. I had surgery last week to have a swollen lymph node removed, and all is well. An ent can scope for the feeling in the throat. Could be just acid reflux irritating the oesophagus. Something that helps my stomach when I have colitis to calm it down and help with acid reflux is whole leaf aloe gel.


    I was told to take it daily because of other medication I'm on. After six months or so I told the docs I believe it was giving me stomach pain, indigestion. They said to keep taking it, I haven't and feel much better.
    "Prilosec OTC (over-the-counter) should be taken for no longer than 14 days in a row. Allow at least four months to pass before you start another 14-day treatment."


    My son suffered from pretty severe reflux for a long time following diagnosis and does still sometimes. His though is now minor enough for Tums or Pepto and an Amish apple cider vinegar/garlic juice/ginger juice remedy that helps. Elevated sleeping helps a lot.

    If propping pillows don’t work, make wedges to keep her in the right position.


    Sounds EXACTLY like my son who was incorrectly diagnosed with acid reflux which turned out to be severe lactose intolerance which was ultimately diagnosed via endoscopy.

    If your daughter eats dairy try to either eliminate it or take a Lactaid chewable (icky texture) before the first bite of dairy. Or, have the lactose intolerance test, which is very easy.


      I took her off dairy about a month ago, but I'll double-check ingredients in what she's eating. 


        My son also has a terrible corn intolerance that caused gastritis. Corn starch and syrup are fine, but corn, corn flour, corn chips give him a worse reaction than gluten.


    Talk to her doc, ask about what could cause the food to be stuck. It sounds like eosinophilic esophagitis to me (I have this). Can be caused by a food allergy. For me, this was the milk protein, casein.

    When you eat the food, your oesophagus has an immune reaction and swells, and it can be difficult for food to pass down through it. I used to feel like the food was stuck (not always in my throat. sometimes lower). And at times it was! The food would usually become unstuck and move down into my stomach after a few hours, but other times I would become sick. I can always tell when it’s happened. Very uncomfortable.


    It took me almost a year to heal my body when being diagnosed with a gluten allergy. I don't think seven weeks is necessarily enough time to see a difference – at least it wasn't for me. I also had pylori – a severe stomach infection but can sometimes not be caught if you're on omeprazole. Also, anxiety can make you feel like something in your throat. And I started feeling better when I cut other foods like bananas, avocados, red meat, yoghurt, lemons, oranges.

    It was a whole process, and I had very similar symptoms. It was horrible. I feel like from my experience, it was trial and error figuring out what I could and couldn't tolerate. I'm headed to an allergist to see if I have an allergy to anything I cut out. 


    I have recently begun having gall bladder issues. And the problem I came upon when researching all the ways to solve the issues was that MODERN medicine said something completely opposite from the more natural approach. For example, with modern medicine, they say "oh. You eat too much fat. Stop eating fat. And get your gallbladder removed." The more homoeopathic method says "you don't eat enough fat. Your bile salts are getting used enough so they harden into stones and then it gets inflamed. Add more healthy fat to your diet throughout the day, in small amounts. Don't have your gallbladder removed. Its an organ and you need it. And anytime something goes wrong with an organ, use it to your advantage. It's telling you something is wrong and needs to be changed."

    Similarly with acid reflux. They put you on an acid blocker. Tell you to stop with acidic foods. Natural medicine says YOUR BODY IS PRODUCING TOO MUCH ACID because you aren't eating enough.

    It's crazy how they have opposite conclusions. But I have now crossed over from trusting doctors into a more homoeopathic mindset and its crazy how my health is changing.

    I started taking shots of ACV daily and all the pregnancy-induced stomachaches, gall bladder pain and acid reflux are gone.

    All of this, I say not because it helps necessarily but it could maybe make you stop and think about the acid blockers and consider looking into a more homoeopathic doc to see if they have a more whole-body solution.


    Get another opinion right away! She could be misdiagnosed, and the medicine could be doing more harm than good. All medicines have risks. I wouldn’t continue to give my child that med. Especially since it isn’t to be used more than two weeks at a time.

    Also, my reflux was caused by low stomach acid. I was on an acid reducer for so long it made my problems worse. It turns out I needed more acid in my stomach so I could properly digest food and not get reflux. I have an autoimmune thyroid condition, so I am gluten and soy-free too, plus I take apple cider vinegar morning and night. I’m not sure the last time I had heartburn or indigestion since I made the changes two years ago!

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