Does Anyone Have Celiac Disease But Not Sensitive to Cross-Contamination?

Is it strange or rare that I have celiac disease, but I’m not sensitive to Cross-contamination? Like plastic/ wood utensils don’t bother me, and usually, I can eat out at restaurants without a problem. (I do have celiac disease, diagnosed by scopes, biopsy, and blood test). Just wondering

EDIT: I do experience terrible symptoms, i.e. diarrhoea, stomach cramps, nausea, etc. if I eat gluten. However, Cross-contamination doesn’t bother me. I get blood tests every 4-6 weeks and am not nutrient deficient or anaemic.

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    I share utensils and stuff with gluten eaters. I don't know when or if I'm CC because I only get sick when I eat gluten. I've often wondered if the CC manifests another way like stiff joints, headache, itchy skin, etc. But, for all I know, age, not enough water, and mosquitoes are my problem.

    Silent celiac is more common than people think. My mom had colon cancer six years ago, and now they found another mass.


    My daughter is not sensitive to cc, has celiac and all of her numbers went back to normal. There is no way we have never cc her at some point, and she's fine too.

    We do make an effort with cooking her food first, her peanut butter, her own half of the four-slice toaster, cook her food and our food in the oven together but separate, but do not go crazy as some do. She doesn't have her own pots and pans, toaster, utensils, a cabinet for just her food etc. My theory was to eliminate the obvious and make an effort, but not go nuts. If her numbers didn't come down, then step it up. One year later and she is normal levels. Until something changes, I'm doing what I'm doing.


    I have celiac and react to everything. My daughter is a silent celiac according to her GI and has sailed through life without nearly any episodes or symptoms except for thyroid issues. So strange we're family and have diff reactions totally.

    The problem is being celiac whether it silent or not; you still have the damage long-term inside you that you may never see and it can create all kinds of havoc in your body. Being an autoimmune disorder, you cannot fool your body even if you ignore what you eat.

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    Just because you don't get physically ill from CC doesn't mean it isn't causing internal damage. I didn't react to gluten at all, but almost had lymphoma when they did my biopsy. Sickness is just a symptom… If you are ingesting any amount of gluten as a celiac, odds are you're going to be the 20% shorter life span category.

    Also, I hope you're not casual about CC to others because it really puts other celiacs at risk from people thinking that they are "overreacting" about needing to avoid CC. 


    Symptoms are no indication of damage. You can have a lot of damage before it shows. But every speck of gluten causes the autoimmune system to attack the body. Plus, cancer might be your first symptom. Then its too late.

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