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    I have been fasting for around four weeks and lost 9kg but seem to have balanced out at 87kg. I am definitely still losing fat but slower and not as visibly noticeable. I am also gaining muscle mass in my quads, arms, and chest. I train each muscle group on a different day. So I would say yes, in my experience.


    I’ve lost 35 pounds, however the last month I haven’t lost any weight yet my clothes are looser than a month ago. I’ve really increased the weights I’m lifting so I’m building more muscle.

    During the first 1-2 years of working out/dieting it is possible that your body can create muscle (weight gain) and lose fat at the same time. However, after that time frame, it's generally not the case anymore.


    Yes. I lost 50pounds in the last six months, but the last two months was hard cause I was building muscle. So losing inches like crazy but not losing weight. Finally hit my first goal the other day.

    Intermittent Fasting alone doesn’t cause weight loss. People have and do use Intermittent Fasting to gain weight. You need to eat in a deficit for fat loss.

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