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    You would still need to make sure you're burning more calories than your taking in. It is incorrect to say you won't lose based just on the 100 carbs. I lost 75 lbs, just paying attention to calories and not paying attention to carbs at all.

    And yes, I was around 100+ carbs a day. Now because of a stall, I decided to mix it up and besides, I wanted to get away from processed foods and concentrate on Whole Foods, which generally are lower in carbs anyway. Will you go into ketosis at 100 carbs? No, but you can, for sure, lose weight.

    And you should pay attention to sodium no matter which woe you choose or how many carbs you intake daily.

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    I try to keep my net carb intake at 100 or less, and I allow myself one treat per week. I've lost a decent amount of weight over the past few months of doing so. Sure, I might have lost more weight quicker by doing keto, but keto isn't a realistic lifestyle for me. I'm doing general low carb because it suits my life and is working for me.

    Do what works for you. You might not have to watch your sodium, eat some pickles.


    It depends on how much water you're drinking. My dietician had me on 195 grams of carbs per day, drinking 1/2-1 gallon of water, and no unnatural sodium. I gained 10 pounds in 3 freaking days, and I fainted. I usually only eat carbs for dinner in the form of brown rice; this was pretty high carb for me.

    I add lite salt to my diet due to the amount of water intake and exercise.


    I am on a low carb WOE. I find it funny how there are so many people who think low carb is this or that…When the truth is low carb comes in different phases. My carb intake is only 20. I've been on the low carb, and I've lost 81 lbs. I have 28lbs to go for my goal, and it is now getting hard and much slower to lose. But I am still sticking to my 20 or less carbs. However, that is me, not you.

    Everyone is different. If you usually take in 200+ carbs a day, then you cut back to 100 should work fine for you. Do what works for you.


    Depends on who you ask – what research you decide to believe – Some say it doesn't matter – some say watch for health reasons – You have to determine what is best for you.

    I was eating WAY too much salt a few years ago, switched to pink salt, and it drastically cut my intake –
    I notice that if I don't watch it, I stay bloated a lot more

    If you substitute Himalayan salt for regular table salt, you won't need to worry about sodium.


    I try to avoid sodium and don't generally add salt to my foods unless necessary. I eat around 80-100 grams of carbs per day (have been for a very long time and have lost weight and now maintain off that)

    Once you lose your goal weight, unless you find a carb intake to maintain then you keep losing.

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