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    You can try the below options:

    • Gluten-free pasta, stir-fries, fried rice, pad thai, salads, burgers, pizza.
    • Fritatta is full of veggies. Serve with fruit.
    • Chili, veggie omelets.
    • Veggie chili, fried rice, chickpea curry, homemade falafel balls, lentil soup.
    • Stir fry dishes and pasta dishes.

    Try these:

    • Roasted veg with mixed herbs & any veg you have.
    • Vegetable Jambalaya,
    • Jacket potato & beans etc
    • Sweet potato made as jacket potato & any fillings – cottage cheese
    • Stuffed peppers
    • Deep filled mushrooms with rice & vegetables.
    • Pasta with mixed vegetables & salad cream we add tuna to this but your vegetarian so your choice.
    • Mixed omelet
    • Vegetable curry.
    • Stir fry
    • Cracker or cracker bread picnic with pickles, salad, cheese, coleslaw, etc.

    Hope this helps.

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    Zucchini or spaghetti squash noodles, a veggie burger with sweet potato fries and homemade salad. Sloppy joes: Gardein mock beef crumbles, with gluten-free buns or bread and Manwich sloppy joe mix!


    Cauliflower gratin, roasted sweet potatoes, GF penne arrabbiata, zucchini fritters, Spanish rice, yellow rice, rice & peas.

    Also, lots of Indian food naturally gluten-free and often vegetarian.
    I also like to make coconut milk, garlic, and ginger broth with bean threads, daikon, green onion, and bok choy generously garnished with lime and cilantro.


     Rice bowls: rice of your choice, black beans, tomatoes, green onions, avocados, cilantro, and any other veggies of your choice! I then either add a gluten-free hot sauce or I'll make my own homemade gluten-free teriyaki sauce.

    You can also try Veggie pad thai noodle stir fry with gluten-free Mongolian sauce, cucumber tomato salad, bean chili fries, twice baked potatoes, hashbrowns, and egg.

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