Should a Diabetic Person Follow The Low Carb Diet? Is It Dangerous?

I have a question. My wife has just been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. She has NOT been on the low carb diet for years. Her doctor is livid against Low Carb, High Fat. He showed her this study that he says proves Low Cab is a death sentence! He put her on a low-fat, high Carb diet. Claims he can reverse it in 3 months. He also said the Low Carb diet causes cancer and heart disease. Is there anyone who has had diabetes, That Low Carb reverse it?

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    Your doc is locked into 80s concepts. FYI, I was low-fat vegan for almost a year for similar reasons, very high cholesterol, and a high risk/family history of diabetes and heart congestion. And it worked my cholesterol dropped in half and my waistline shrank. But…seriously, I still did not eat enough fresh veggies, go figure. But it’s a hard diet to maintain.

    NO meat, No fat (so little or no cheese, nuts, etc.) lots of bread, pasta, potatoes. Because of this indoctrination, I was very skeptical of the Low carb method. Diet lifestyles have facts and history on both sides. Two paths, high carb no fat is cheaper, paleo, high fat low carb is tastier. Whenever I miss sourdough, I remember I can eat bacon.


    The cause of type 2 is a failing pancreas. You eat too many carbs and sugar and guess what it gets tired. I've seen several people reverse type 2 (not cure) on a low carb diet. Their blood sugar spikes up again when they eat carbs, but they can get off of medication and insulin when eating a certain way and have their numbers in a safe zone. Once your body developed type 2, there is no cure there is only maintaining.


      That's not correct type 2 diabetes has little to do with the pancreas and more to do with the resistance of the cells to insulin! Usually, the pancreas is producing enough insulin; it's just not working right, part of the reason for this is hormones that are provided by fat yellow stores in the abdomen! Type 2 diabetes is completely reversible!!!!!!!!


    Since doing the low carb/keto mix, my cholesterol is up. Yes, keto will most definitely raise your cholesterol.

    For the “Know It Alls” that will have a meaningful response to this, ask your doctor or a nutritionist. I don’t do a lot of butter, or red meat, or bacon’ my culprit is all the cheese……………lol! So time to cut back on cheese and real eggs, and back to egg beaters.

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