Kindly Suggest the cure for Bad Cramps in Calves when on Keto Diet?

I’ve been on keto for three months. In the beginning, I would get terrible cramps in my calves when I was sleeping. I started eating more avocado and spinach, and the cramps seemed to subside. I got the worst cramps tonight after not having any for about a month or 2. The cramps I used to get would subside after like 10-20 seconds. This one hurt so bad I was crying out in pain. My boyfriend tried massaging my leg, but it wouldn’t let up for about 5 minutes. I did a 24hr fast that day. So I’m not sure if my fast contributed to the cramping or not? My leg is still sore, but I took some magnesium supplements, which seemed to help a bit.

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    Sounds like not enough water and or electrolytes. Drink lots of water.

    Also, pickle juice! Keep some in a small jar by bedside just for cramps! Refrigerate every morning until bedtime. Also, take spoonfuls of mustard. It will really help you out…

    Lack of Potassium in your diet can also be the reason for cramps. .If you are exercising and sweating can contribute to the loss too.


    I had to up my magnesium to eliminate cramps. Magnesium is usually the culprit for cramps unrelated to exercise. I take magnesium glycinate.

    It could be calcium as well. The electrolytes are calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium chloride, and phosphate — the imbalance of anyone who can be the culprit.

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