Please Suggest a Cereal That Doesn’t Have Rice, Oat, Wheat, Milk, Apple or Banana?

My son turned seven months old, and his pediatrician said he needs to go on an infant cereal or have an iron supplement because he is breastfed. We have had a hard time this past month, giving him food. He was diagnosed with FPIES to almost every meal so far. His only safe food is pears. I am driving myself crazy, trying to find a cereal that doesn’t have rice, oat, wheat, milk, apple, or banana. She suggested barley, but I can’t find it wheat-free. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    I would avoid baby cereal like the plague. No nutritional value and you will be hard-pressed to find one free of allergens.

    I would say keep introducing raw veggies and fruits slowly. Vegetables, fruits, and breastmilk should be sufficient. Food before 1 is just for fun. My kiddos weren’t really interested in solids until around a year old. We practice baby-led weaning and love it.


    I had similar issues. Why worry about cereals (only a marketing fad over the last 100yrs) and turn to flours & veg he can have. For Eg. mashed potato/sweet potato/avocado/carrots/beetroot or consider buckwheat (it is wheat-free despite the name).

    Feed your kid with as wide a range of foods as you can. Whatever suits you both. I even gave my kid mashed up chicken/tuna for breakfast….anything to get them through the early stages of food allergies.

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