Is Keto Diet a Cause of High Cholesterol? Does Cutting Out Eggs Help?

After only two weeks of eating Keto, I went to the Doctors, and my cholesterol was high. My doctor was ok with this WOE, but wants me to cut out eggs. How?? Is this something my body will work out or should I find a substitution for eggs?

I’m feeling great and I have already lost 10 lbs, so I would really appreciate hearing from everyone’s personal experience.

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    Eggs are one of the MOST nutritious foods on the planet. I have long stood by the belief that they are not contributing factors to high cholesterol.

    Doctors are not all-knowing. Eggs are not the cause of high cholesterol. They are actually healthy for a person unless there's an allergy.


    Cholesterol will show higher while you are losing weight. My personal experience is that even with a long family history of high cholesterol and heart attacks, my cholesterol has dropped to perfect numbers after six months on Keto. My doctor can't believe I'm not taking the statins and keeping my cholesterol regulated by eating bacon and eggs. While I'm not a medical expert you should listen to, I do suggest you read Keto and or Cholesterol Clarity and The Obesity code.


    Two weeks is far too early to test for any lipid improvements, as it takes time to heal. It's best to check 6-12 months after starting keto. Eliminating eggs will do nothing. Eat them, & enjoy them unless you have a sensitivity. Use this lab result as a baseline, and keto on.

    Dietary fat isn't what causes/raises risk factors, high fat, and high sugar are the culprits. I tested at nine months and saw a beautiful improvement. I'm sure it's been suggested, but the book Cholesterol Clarity will help you understand.


    Why the eggs, they're good for you. They have the good cholesterol you need.

    You're not supposed to rely on cholesterol tests for the first nine months. Your body has transformed into burning fats and until you're fully adapted, it's flooding your blood with it. It will definitely read higher for a bit.


    If your cholesterol is high, it's because your body NEEDS to produce more cholesterol right now. Cholesterol plays a VERY important role in dealing with inflammation and many other functions You most likely need eggs at this time. You also need a doc that's not so behind the times!

    Also, cholesterol temporarily goes higher on the keto diet if you are losing fat. Something about the fat cells releasing more cholesterol into the blood until the liver has a chance to process.  I don't believe cutting eggs will have any effect as the liver is solely responsible for cholesterol levels in the body and can synthesize it's own if needed.


    As your doctor should know: total cholesterol is NOT measured by what’s been consumed in that time span but over a longer period. Also, the process of weight loss raises total cholesterol because it raises triglyceride levels raising your totals. Did he give you specifics on what levels were high or out of range?

    Any doctor who suggests eggs are bad for you is not a doctor to listen to about nutrition. That advice is like from 1980’s. It’s been confirmed that dietary cholesterol does not affect blood cholesterol.

    Bad cholesterol doesn’t develop over two weeks. Chances are it wasn’t great beforehand, and it will take some time, a few months, so let your body heal itself.

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