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     I use nutrient-dense foods to help me clean up gut health or to help my liver clean up. Anything from using apple cider vinegar as dressing on my salad, eating a tablespoon​ of sauerkraut every few days, using cilantro/parsley.

    On occasion, I will use a few gelatinous chia seeds or aloe… Research foods good for stomach health or liver detox and cross-map to keto-friendly options to help promote natural detoxification of your body with nutrient-dense foods.


    I take liver cleanse by Gaia Herbs because my liver enzymes were high during my last blood work so my liver needs a little boost. It suggests only taking it for 2-3 months so after that and staying keto for awhile I plan to have my liver checked again and hopefully, it will be normal.

    If your liver, kidneys, or digestive system is in good health then I would not take anything extra to detox. But if a doctor has confirmed that any of those are not up to par, then I think a temporary natural supplement to help support it back to normal is a good idea.

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