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    Some people find it energizing, so probably best not to take at bedtime.

    MCT makes me race-heart pumps; head buzzes if I took it at night. It’s thermogenic, It gives me a great boost of energy, so I take it in the morning. I have taken a little extra in the afternoon, and it did keep me up late 

    You can put it in your coffee. I find it irritates an empty stomach.

    Also, You can take it in capsule form.



    My three years old is Keto for Epilepsy. She takes some right before bed every night. It helps prevent breakthrough seizures by keeping her ketones high through the night. She goes to bed quickly – but then again she's 3. This is a common practice in Keto for Epilepsy. Some people even wake up in the middle of the night to take more!

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