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    You can try cold badam flavored milk. Add colored fruits- cherry, etc..

    Or garnished dried black grapes.  I hope she will like it.

    You can also try curd, ghee, buttermilk, lassi, etc..


    Add Rooh Afza, and my baby also refuses, but now he is taking little amount while I am adding  Rooh Afza.

    • You can also try below options:
    • Try cow milk's cheese and curd.
    • Dry fruits .. almond, pistachio.
    • Add Pediasure in milk
    • Add 1,2 crushed Small cardamom while boiling milk that flavor your child will definitely like.

    If milk powder is not working, then try black rice powder by adding cardamom. In sugar along with water, my son too doesn't like milk at all, so I gave him black rice powder mix with the said ingredients now he's comfortable with it I gave him twice a day.


    Don't give her direct milk if she doesn't like it.   Give her milk made products/food.

    You can add milk instead of water in her flour for chapati.

    Give her upma.

    Make milk oats porridge.. sprinkle little honey and very tiny banana pieces.

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