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    If the oats are cross-contaminated with gluten, this could be a problem. Unless the oats used to make the milk are certified gluten-free, there is a big chance for Celiac Disease.

    At the time of harvest, oats are cut right alongside wheat with the same shared equipment. If it isn't certified gluten-free, there's a higher chance for Celiac Disease, and you can't separate the gluten from the oats and clean it as some manufacturers claim.

    Also, I'm celiac, and I have a problem with the oat protein. It's similar to gluten, and my body reacts similarly.


    It's quite possibly the oat milk, my little boy is allergic to milk, eggs, and soya and can't have gluten he was fine with gluten-free oats but has started reacting to some gluten-free oats.

    I would recommend not continuing with the oat milk. You could try Ripple (pea protein), or try coconut or hemp milk.

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