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     I don't know if I have celiac yet, but my back and hips up to lock if I consume gluten. I get so stiff; I almost can't put myself into the stretching positions needed for relief. If your elbows feel better without gluten, it could've been why they were hurting.


    I'd had bumps on the backs of my upper arms since I was a kid. Just a few weeks of going gluten-free, they were gone. I didn't have tons of pain in my joints. I've dropped close to 60 pounds so that I'm sure has a lot to do with less pain. I couldn't lose weight before going gluten-free. My weight wouldn't go down, no matter what I tried or what I ate. I feel like a new person. I've got tons of energy, whereas before, I was completely worn out even after sleeping 10+ hours at times.


    Completely normal. Glad that you have some relief.

    Keep in mind that the longer you go without Gluton, if you get it by accident or eat it on the purpose, you're going to feel twice as bad.

    Skin, hair, and nails all return to a more normal state! Once your body starts absorbing vitamins and minerals again!

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