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    My sleep quality is so much better! Less bloat, regular bm, and better mood.

    Food is so much more satisfying.

    I don't crave junk food. (Well, I do now and then and I do indulge myself sometimes, but I go right back to eating well).

    My sugar levels r normal No Insulin.


    So right ever since I started my constant bloating has vanished, and I sleep so much better. I love IF it has become a happy, healthier lifestyle.

    No heartburns and don't feel lazy at all. My stomach issues have disappeared!


    Low blood pressure, better oxygen intake, my joints are not overworked anymore when I do HIIT and the compliments from friends and distant family who haven’t seen me in months. That’s my motivation to run early on an empty stomach.

    No more carb crashing. No hunger pains. No heartburn.


    I feel amazing completely off all my medications for type2 diabetes and general panic disorder I'm down 100 pounds so much energy and focus.

    Increased power…decreased inflammation….greater mental focus…. HOPE….improved mobility


    MUCH more energy, a lot less bloating, better mood and sleep, and brighter skin loving this! Oh, and appreciation for proper healthy food!

    Energy, zero hyperacidity, zero low/depressive mood, especially after a night shift from work.

    The bloating itself is gone, and that’s totally worth it to me. I also eat keto and feel this helps tremendously as well.


    The focus and extra brain capacity from not thinking about food is a big one for me because I study a lot, but the biggest thing it’s helped me with is definitely drinking water. I used to drink next to no water all day, and my body was suffering from it. But two weeks into fasting I was getting so many compliments on how great I was looking because my hair and skin have just been glowing ever since!

    Not thinking about what to snack and drinking water instead is so much better.

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    I feel like my body detoxed the first couple of months. My IBS ( Irritable Bowel Syndrome) feeling under control, my reflux is GONE, I NO LONGER snore like a 500-pound man with sleep apnea, BOTH of my double chins are GONE, I’ve eliminated emotional eating and late-night binging. ITS ALL GOOD…

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