Do You Think Apple Cider Vinegar Can Burn Belly Fat?

Apple Cider Vinegar does NOT burn belly fat (or any fat).

There is some research showing that any vinegar (when consumed with or before a meal) can help slow down gastric emptying and lower the glucose response to the meal, thereby helping you feel more satiety and, perhaps, helping you decrease caloric intake a bit.

Essentially, there is no point drinking ACV, or any other type of vinegar, when fasting. Just put a little vinegar on your salad or veggies when you eat a meal or have it right before your meal.

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    I don't do it for weight loss, but it does get rid of a sinus infection for me every single time. A cup of hot water, 2 tbsp ACV, 2 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp lemon juice. Do it 3 x for one day. The next day you will breathe beautifully. It dries your head up.


    It might not help you burn belly fat, but I love how I feel after chugging a shot of it! Especially when I feel under the weather or a sore throat stating on. It helps me feel back to normal super quick.

    It helps your body retain the minerals so when you detox you aren’t getting rid of them as well.


    I use it because I have digestive issues, it also has minerals that are good for your body…doc did tell me it WON’T burn fat like people say lol..but when I drink I feel full so end up eat less so, in turn, you lose weight.

    But, it can erode the enamel on your teeth.


    I drink it for heartburn and sore throat cures.

    I use it because combined with green tea, lime, and ginger, it wakes me up better than coffee and also uses it to deal with acid reflux. Too useful when I have a sore throat. But not for fat.

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    It's supposed to help insulin resistance, but I eat pickles. Straight Vinegar is too disgusting to smell. I can't imagine drinking it.

    ACV is also really bad for teeth… damages enamel.

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