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    I did, and unfortunately, by the end of the first 21-day cycle, almost every single symptom had returned for me. I'm guessing there was low cc, but with drinking it every day, it was more than my body could handle.

    My biggest symptoms were constipation, bloating, gas, and brain fog, but I also had skin issues in my scalp and between my fingers, to name a few of the things that I had no idea were caused by gluten. I stopped drinking it, and I was back to normal and symptom-free again after about 2-3 weeks.

    I think it's just hit or miss, just like with "gluten-free" food manufactured in the same facility, same line, etc. Until it's certified gluten-free, it's a gamble. It's taking a chance and is absolutely not worth it to me. I will say this, though. I was very successful with the 21 Day Fix, even without drinking the Shakeology. I just substituted another protein serving in its place.

    The best part for me was that it retrained me to recognize healthy portions and helped teach me clean eating. It helped me to significantly back away from the gluten-free processed stuff that I was overeating. It will help you to redevelop a healthy relationship with food. If Shakeology ever becomes certified gluten-free, I will go back on auto-ship and drink it daily. My non-gluten-free husband, who is and has always been super fit/ buff drank it every day, with an extra scoop of protein powder, for almost two years, because he loved the ingredients/benefits so much.

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    I am celiac and drink Shakeology with no issues. When I started many years ago, I only did 1/2 scoops "just in case" for a couple of weeks to allow my body time to adjust. I drink vegan chocolate now.

     I didn't have problems with it but everyone's tummy are different. You won't know till you try it. If you get sick take some charcoal tabs to help.


    I'm gluten intolerant with thyroid issues, and the vegan one has honestly helped me a lot, and I've even been able to cut out a bunch of my supplements. Before starting with Shakeology, I was being tested for autoimmune disorders and felt terrible, but now they've been able to rule most of that out! I even know of people with full-blown Hashimoto's who use it with no issues.


    I am gluten intolerant and drink the vegan Shakeology. I love Shakeology! Love the new cafe latte vegan!! I drink it daily for almost two years. A daily dose of dense nutrition!

    It's actually HELPED my stomach issues! Nothing but the best goes in that shake. Did you know it's not even a processed shake?! They Freeze Dry it so all the ingredients will have it as close to its natural state as they can get it! They put a lot of time and work on their products.


    I drink that shake daily and was super worried about the same thing. I'm not celiac, but gluten makes me feel bloated, sluggish, and just gross. Vegan Shakeology only makes me feel awesome. I have heard that the regular Shakeology is less likely to have traces of gluten in if this one bothers you, maybe you should try the regular.

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