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    Oh, yes, I ended up going to the ER. They said everything was fine, including blood work. I realized it was a lack of salt. I just started adding salt, and I’m good as new. I never ever for years added salt to things. But I knew the docs were missing something. Please check with your doctor first.


      I take a potassium supplement every day. Maybe that's still not enough.


        Potassium needs sodium. Together they work to make the heartbeat. Balance is key. You can get them from foods. Put a pinch of pink salt in water or under the tongue. When my sodium is low, I crave tomatoes, with lots of salt. Tomatoes have potassium as well — pickle juice to drink. Sounds nauseating, but once I tried it, not bad. Electrolyte deficiency can cause all kinds of problems.


    Same! I've had them for a while because of my acid reflux and heartburn. I controlled that, and. And now that I've been on a low carb way of eating I've been getting it for the past couple days! Freaks me out.. I have to take the anxiety medication because I think I'm dying! I have seen a cardiologist and he said all my test were clear I had an echocardiogram and a heart monitor for seven days, and he says I'm absolutely fine.


    Could be dehydration or if you're drinking a lot of water and losing weight rapidly your electrolytes could below. I had heart palpitations when my potassium was low.


    That happened to me, and I found out it was dehydration. Make sure you are drinking 6 to 8 cups of water a day. Maybe more depending on your weight. Your heart needs water to function properly.

    Or, if you drink caffeine, lower the amount you are drinking. If you are on thyroid meds, get checked out because you may need to lower your dose.

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