Any Suggestions to Make Kid Eat?

My baby boy is two years eight months…but he doesn’t like to eat anything… I tried alot..I cook snacks and different recipes, but he doesn’t eat….i am very tense..whole day he can live without eating…suggest plz…

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    Plz, get his blood test done to rule out the iron deficiency. Children generally get irritable and lose interest in food if they have iron deficiency..


    You can make different food in a different style to make him eat.

    • Veg daliya with cheese (Paneer)
    • Cutlets, french fries.
    • Roohafza Milk/Badam milk.
    • Parantha in diff shapes.
    • Brownbread idli, bread pizza

    Also, do visit a pediatric who may give medicine to increase his appetite.


    Is it possible to make him sit with you guys when you eat your meals? Tell him to help you lay the table.. maybe just his own plate and glass. Let him sit with the family.. ask him what he's like in his plate and serve. If he says nothing, say ok. Don't focus on food all the time. Don't talk much about his eating habits. Offer during meal times and maybe 2 hours later, whatever snack you wish to. Even popcorn made at home or roasted makhanas will be a start. This approach may take time, but he will start eating SOMETHING regularly.

    Also, I use lots of tactics to get my daughter to eat healthily. For eg: my husband always holds a competition with her, he checks her muscles before food and tells her she is looking weak. After a few bites, he checks again and says that she feels a bit strong and so on. At the end of the meal, they have a competition where he always loses since she is now super strong. Just like her fav Wonder Woman…


      The same thing we used to do. My daughter wants long hair, so I tell her how eating this or that can make her hair grow stronger and longer. She complies sometimes, not always. But over time, she has realized that eating certain foods is essential to grow. She still resists sometimes, but I try not to push her too much those times. They deserve their little victories. And she is allowed her 1 treat every day too. That is also timed since mostly for her evening snack, she is allowed to have two biscuits or half a chocolate etc. That is up to her, whatever she feels like. So try and use simple logic. It may help. And don't obsess about his food intake. I know it's not easy, but that is what will help.

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