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    Green smoothies; the base is leafy greens like kale or spinach, then add one serving of fruit like an apple, banana, or 1 cup berries (1/2 cup if blueberries) and then either chia seeds or hemp seeds. Liquid can be water, coconut water, almond or other nut milk.

    Also, fruit has lots of sugar 😊 carbs and calories. So you can go with leafy greens and chicken/salmon instead of smoothies.


      Sounds good..but I'm starting a vegetarian /vegan kickoff.
      But chicken is my go I'm fighting.

      Also, I like kale..never thought about apples.


    I started a vegetarian meal can mix with just water or I make into a shake with just a few extras…it's free of all common allergens and is clean and Bioavailable.

    Just follow a healthy diet. Denying yourself food leads to frustration and, "one little bite won't hurt" but it does…diets are a fad.


    Your body doesn’t recognize liquids in the same way as solids, so smoothies tend to provide less satiety. Also, fruit has lots of sugar, albeit natural. Still best to stick with whole food.

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